dress post

As you all know, the big day is still a ways out (398 days, but who’s counting ūüôā ) but I decided to go try on some dresses just to get a feel for what style I might like. ¬†My tastes for wedding dresses are all over the place. ¬†So when Susana forwarded me a link of a trunk show for a NYC¬†designer being held in a local bridal boutique, I figured it would be a great opportunity to narrow down the type/style of dress I want for my big day. ¬†I told everyone that I was not looking for “the dress” because my mom and sisters would come in for the real dress shopping but this would give me a head-start. ¬†I also couldn’t imagine finding a dress that I was so in love with that I wouldn’t have second thoughts or find something more perfect over the course of a whole year.

I’m just learning about all of this wedding stuff and had never seen “Say Yes to the Dress” so I had no idea what to expect. ¬†When Susana and I walked into Love Couture Bridal in Potomac, Maryland I was immediately overcome with how real this was all getting… I’m really getting married! ¬†Since it was a Matthew Christopher trunk show, Mr. Christopher himself was there to help me pick out the perfect dress. ¬†Little did they know I was not buying my dress today. ¬†I have to say I was overwhelmed when my sales consultant and Mr. Christopher started piling up dress that I must try on. ¬†They all kind of looked the same and it never crossed my mind that the dress of my dreams would be in that pile.

We took the pile of gowns to my changing room and Mr. Christopher pulled out a dress and told me to try it on first and then pointing to another said “and this one second.” ¬†I did as I was told. ¬†It was love at first sight (I won’t be dishing any details on the dress, so stay tuned for the wedding)! ¬†I could literally imagine walking down the aisle in this dress and it made me cry. ¬†Before putting on this dress I had NO clue what type of dress I wanted but as soon as this dress was on me, I knew it was perfect.

I tried on several more dresses but only one came close to the first dress (the one I was told to try on second).  Thank goodness I had Susana with me because she pointed out the crucial factor that made picking a dress easy.  Dress two was also amazing and fit perfectly but it could have been worn for a red carpet event in any other color (not that I have many red carpet events to attend) whereas dress one could only be a wedding dress.  Our wedding is a once in a lifetime event and so it fits that I would get the once in a lifetime dress for that special day.

And so it was decided… well actually not that quickly. ¬†I knew that everyone wanted me to “say yes to the dress” while standing in front of the big mirror in the fabulous dress but I just couldn’t be that impulsive about such a big decision. ¬†Susana and I went for lunch to discuss the dress and talk to my mom and sisters about the decision. ¬†After about an hour it was official, I had found my dress and there is no doubt in my mind that I made the right decision! ¬†I can’t wait for Emilio and the rest of you to see the dress of my dreams ūüôā