Emilio and Jessica met in Washington, DC and have been dating for  over two years now. For a variety of reasons, the song “One and Only” by Adele became their song on November 7th of 2012.

Fast forward to early summer of 2014, Emilio bought a keyboard “just to learn, because it looked fun,” which Jessica believed but was a bit annoyed by the fact that they had a keyboard that “nobody was using” taking up space in the house.

Little did she know that Emilio had been secretly taking piano lessons and practicing to learn how to play their song, “One and Only”.

Almost exactly 2 years from the date that “One and Only” became their song, November 8th 2014, Emilio took Jessica and her parents out for dinner to a restaurant that had a piano bar (Seasons 52 in Tyson’s Corner, -McLean, VA). Before ordering anything he went “to the bathroom” and somehow ended up at the piano. Emilio then called Jessica and her family over to the piano for a little surprise.

Emilio dedicated the song to Jessica and, accompanied by his sister who sang, he started playing their song.

After that, he pulled out a beautiful ring, got on one knee… and the rest is history.